... everywhere

I know about a place where you can eat some delicious healthy food for free, but that’s not the reason people go there.

There is a Farmer’s Market close to where I live. That’s a great place to go to buy some organic veggies and fruits, or freshly baked French bread and pastries. You can actually try fruits and veggies for free. And no, you don’t have to buy anything. Don’t get me wrong, you can try some samples at your local store as well. But can you try 10 kinds of plums there? And do you get the same experience at the local store as you do at your local Farmer’s Market?

Even though I can try endless amounts of fruits over there, I go for the experience. There, I feel like I’m a part of something bigger. I feel like I am giving my vote for sustainable, healthy living. I make my choice. I don’t have to buy a lot to feel great. It’s all about the experience! I feel special to be able to be there with all these people who make their way there every Saturday, to present me and so many others with this experience.

The more I pay attention to my experience, the more I understand how much out there is unknown and remarkable, and I am eager to experience it all!