... finding what fulfills you

There are so many things to experience out there - hobbies, careers, restaurants, adventures, and cities, just to name a few! All of the experiences we have and choices we make craft us in some way. Some of them bring out something good in us, open new opportunities, or help us to discover new worlds. And of course there are some that bring out something bad in us. Make us ruder, or incline us to make wrong decisions.

Given the choice, I would rather devote my time to finding and doing things that bring out the best in me.

Recently, I listened to Tim Ferriss’ podcast , where he interviewed Tony Robbins. One thing that caught my attention was his vision about fulfillment.

He was talking about it as an art, rather than science, because it’s different for everyone. There is no one way to achieve it! But the principle is the same - you need to grow. It doesn’t matter how much you have in life, because it’s never enough if you don’t keep growing. He believes that by growing, we have something to give.

Tony’s advice is that you need to find out what is going to fulfill you, what is going to light you up. What lights you up may be different from what lights me up. He thinks that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure in life.

What I’ve learned for myself is that it doesn’t matter how many goals I achieve or what other people think of me. What matters is how I feel about myself.

While listening to this episode I realized that I want to look for experiences that fulfill me, make me a better version of myself, and make me feel happy with myself. After all, you have this power to craft who you are and be at peace with yourself.

I will leave you with this. A few weeks ago while exploring Balboa Park in San Diego, I heard from a man who was playing on a didgeridoo that we are here not to learn how to live, but to learn how to die in peace. It really made me think, and I hope it will do the same for you.