... being passionate

Passion! This is something that separates a decent professional from an outstanding one – one who loves and enjoys what he is doing.

People who are passionate and love what they do master their craft. They develop themselves in this area. They become better and better. They fight for what they want. These people are priceless. They will do their best in order to deliver excellent work. They know how to create a condition where they can bloom.

Would you agree that a person, who doesn’t like his craft, will never be able to do his job better than one who does love it?

I wonder what kind of professionals companies are looking for now. Notice, next time you read a job description that almost everything in it is about a “required skill set”. But what about the love, passion, desire to grow, openness to learn?

Doesn’t passion feed our spirit and give us energy? Aren’t we motivated when we are passionate? Don’t we do our job better when we are motivated? Do we even call our craft that we are passionate about “a job”?

There are so many companies out there, who truly want to make a difference and have passionate people on their team. Recently, I ran across a job description that was completely different from ones that I’ve read before. In this description they didn’t have a word about skills. Conversely, they were looking for:

Someone who’s got a hidden passion up every sleeve. We want someone with the curiosity and creativity to work on project teams throughout the whole design process.

They needed someone with strong passion. Wow! In the description you definitely get a sense of the professional they are looking for, but what amazed me is that a “required skill set” was not a priority at all!

But, unfortunately, there are even more companies for whom it is enough to have people who have a “required skill set”.

How is it even possible, that we put a skill set first? It looks like right now, first, you need to fit the skill set box. After that, you will be checked to see if you have suited soft skills; but what about passion?

In my opinion, there is a huge difference between “passion” and a “required skill set”. What would you prefer?